As we started out looking at the new year, what can we do different, that will allow us to share BC Freshness, and their Fruit & Vegetables, with more people? So we decided to start looking around at other courier and transport companies, to see who could make this happen for us.

People travel across Canada to get some fresh fruit from BC, this could take a lot of time and effort. The tourists come from all parts of Canada, for the weather, the mountains, and for the fresh, sweet tasting fruit grown in BC.

We decided, given the current times, the rise of gas among other inflated prices, OK Delivery decided to help bring BC’s locally grown fruit and vegetables, and other products produced locally, to all of Canada.

After some discussion, UPS Store, Kelowna, stepped up and told us it could happen with them. Next-Day delivery across Canada, to all major centres, and 2-4 days for most rural areas. This works for OK Delivery, and should work fine for the rest of our customers that wish to have BC Freshness delivered to them!

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