Vendor Partner Directory

Vendor Partner Directory Explained

The vendor partner directory, on the OK Delivery website, is considered our partners. We sell their products on our website, or we use their services.

OK Delivery sells local products produced by local vendors. We provide all the marketing and advertising for the products we sell through our website.

We sell your products locally, and we sell non-perishable products across Canada. All packaging of orders is completed at BC Tree Fruits Market, downtown Kelowna, where we have access to coolers to keep orders fresh.

New Vendors that signup with OK Delivery will ideally be within a 15 Km radius of BC Tree Fruits Market. This allows us to pick products up that have been sold, and return them to BC Tree Fruits Market in good time. The products are therefore packaged, and scheduled for delivery, while being stored in a cooler and/or freezer.

OK Delivery Launches New Website

OK Delivery was originally developed to support local businesses. Focused on making shopping at home easier for the consumer, convenient for the local vendors, and a much needed solution to buying local.

We started out providing BC Tree Fruits a safe solution to bring people into their market.

Now, OK Delivery is seeking to Add new vendors to their shopping menu, to allow people a larger variety with their grocery shopping. Buying local is a much needed boost for the local economy, helping local producers get their quality products to customers.

We Sell your Products

If you are a Grower, Vendor, or Manufacturer and are Local, within the Okanagan Valley, we can sell your Products!


Easy to List

When a product is sold, a notification will be sent to the Vendor referencing the item sold, the vendor must have that order ready to go within an hour for pickup! Payouts are made within 15 Days from Sale.