After testing the Market for a bit with different carriers, OK Delivery has decided to work with Canada Post for all of our Canada Wide deliveries. Other carriers we had tried, sometimes had some issues finding locations, causing delays in deliveries, resulting in making the customer wait.

With our Amazon listings and our eBay listings, we needed a reliable delivery service that our customers could rely on, and ourselves as well. We couldn’t be happier using Canada Post for Regular and Expedited package deliveries.

It is unfortunate that deliveries across Canada have proven to be relatively expensive, but Canada Post has shown that they are the company to beet for pricing, and they are very reliable! We want our customers to be happy with the products they buy from us, and we want them to receive their delivery on time!

OK Delivery is still adding more products to both Amazon and eBay, which for the most part, are non-perishable goods. Therefore, if you live across the country and want to buy some unique, and delicious products, generally, only available within BC, follow us on any one, or all, of our social networks found at the top of our website.

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